Achieve Long-Term Success With These Strategies

Long-term achievement requires more than just hard work; self-care and the ability to find creative solutions are also factors. In fact, knowing how to prioritize well-being and be unique are what make the hard work pay off. Here are some simple Legion lessons for professional success:

  • Breathe Intentionally: In our collective Legion experience, meditation is one of the most powerful tools for maintaining a healthy mind-body balance. We’re not alone in this belief, either. Exceptional achievers like Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey meditate daily as well.
  • Make the Hard Stuff a Priority: Most everyone knows about the power of a to-do list, but to get the most out of this success instrument we take it a step beyond just writing tasks down. We also prioritize what needs to be done by order of difficulty, and tackle the tough jobs first every day. This ensures that the most important responsibilities get the most attention.
  • Practice Telling Stories: Stories are among the oldest and most effective methods for transferring knowledge that human beings possess. If storytelling doesn’t come naturally for you, check out the organized planning chapter in “Think and Grow Rich” to see how to use an eight-point story arc.

 Using these straightforward techniques increases the chances that our hard work will pay off.