Legion on Overcoming Three Key Reasons We Procrastinate

Legion on Overcoming Three Key Reasons We Procrastinate

Do you often find yourself in a rut with projects? Are you unmotivated to even get started, let alone finish them? Our team at Legion understands that procrastination manifests itself in many forms, most of which can be categorized into three key buckets. Here are the most common reasons for lack of motivation and tips to overcome them:

Fear: Being afraid holds many people back from accomplishing their goals. Fear of failure or of not having the abilities to complete a task can be self-limiting. Similarly, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the magnitude of some projects. However, if you approach them in smaller chunks, it’s much less frightening. Sometimes you simply have to take that first small step; it will create an inertia, and the rest will follow.

Habit: If it’s not fear, it could be routines that prevent you from moving forward. While it’s not easy to break habits and step outside of a comfort zone, this could be what’s needed to move forward on a project. Think about what habits could be holding you back from your goals, such as allowing yourself to become distracted or not maximizing your productive times of day. What changes can you make to your routine in order to accomplish more?

Perfection: Similar to failure, perfection is often a reason why people do not complete their goals. They’re fearful of turning in work that could be perceived to have flaws. They become mired in perfecting smaller, less noticeable details that stall progress. The easiest way to overcome this is to focus on making sure your results are good enough to meet the needs of those to whom you will be delivering them.

There will always be reasons not to start. However, as our team at Legion knows, there’s always a reason to start, too. Find yours and move forth.