Brainpower-Boosting Skills and Behaviors

We’re always in the process of learning here at Legion HQ, no matter how much success we attain. When it comes to building our professional knowledge, there are a few skills and practices that come in especially handy. Here are some concepts we keep in mind as we learn valuable new insights on the job:

” Reflect on What’s Working: We know self-awareness is essential if we expect to advance our development. As we become better attuned to the behaviors that guide our growth, we can adjust them to suit our long-term goals. Being curious about which learning techniques work best for us allows us to keep making worthwhile improvements.

” Be Accountable: Around the Legion office, we measure our progress toward objectives both large and small. We hold ourselves accountable for reaching the minor milestones that add up to big victories in the long run. By doing so, we provide ourselves with extra motivation to keep pushing forward in our educational efforts.

” Make Time for Good Habits: From time to time, we evaluate how well we’re doing with our learning objectives. If we need to carve out a few more hours here and there to engage in our most productive growth habits, we do whatever we can to make that happen.

Our commitment to learning on the job continues to grow, even as we reach greater heights in our Legion careers. Like us on Facebook to join our discussion on the value of everyday education.