Brainpower-Boosting Skills and Behaviors

We’re always in the process of learning here at Legion HQ, no matter how much success we attain. When it comes to building our professional knowledge, there are a few skills and practices that come in especially handy. […]

How Great Presenters Make Lasting Impressions

Public speaking skills represent an ongoing point of emphasis in the Legion training program. We know how important strong presenting abilities are to our long-term career prospects, so we’re always studying the most successful speakers to learn how to emulate them. […]

Why Setting Goals Is So Important

Around the Legion office we believe that clear goals help us become stronger versions of ourselves. We learn valuable skills and fresh insights when we set well-defined targets. […]

Easy Ways to Keep Learning on the Job

Building our professional knowledge is something we take seriously around Legion HQ. We know there‚Äôs always something new to learn, so we frequently discuss the best ways to keep adding valuable insights. […]