Building Reliable Teams: An Overview

We know success results from collaboration. That’s why we fuel Legion’s growth with teamwork. Maintaining trust and loyalty throughout our firm and keeping our vision in sight at all times allows us to provide exceptional service. […]

Score Networking Wins Using These Methods

Networking is practically synonymous with success. It’s so important that we train all incoming Legion associates with the best relationship-building strategies we know. These are a few of the networking strategies we prioritize. […]

How to Make a Big Impact in Minutes

People place a lot of weight on the first impression, and for good reason. The Legion training program teaches us that the first few moments of meeting someone largely shape the future of the relationship. […]

Highlights in Philanthropy: Adam Braun

Charitable giving is part of the Legion identity. We establish ourselves as community leaders by supporting local and global nonprofits. As such, we understand the value of philanthropy and find great inspiration in people who give. […]