PRESS RELEASE: Legion Announces New Hiring Initiative

PLEASANTON, CA – The management of Legion, a leading provider of customer acquisitions for sports, entertainment, hospitality, and other local businesses, recently announced that they are hiring. […]

Summertime Team-Building Events

We’re happy to highlight our Legion Inc culture any time of the year, but summer is an especially fun season for our account managers. Alon, our firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “We take full advantage of the lovely summertime weather to bring our people together outside of the office. […]

Gearing Up for Our Giveback 2018

Opportunities to give back never fail to rally our Legion team. We earnestly enjoy rolling up our sleeves to help worthy causes through donations or volunteer efforts. […]

Our Top Executives Are Conference-Bound

This month there will be a conference at our Headquarters in southern California. Our top performers will be attending the event, which will provide plenty of opportunities for learning and networking. […]