Job Interview First Impression Tips

When we evaluate potential additions to Team Legion, Inc., we remember those who make strong first impressions. Here are a few things the best candidates tend to do to win over hiring managers within the first few minutes of an interview. […]

Keys to Effective Philanthropy

We’ve made giving back to the community a hallmark of Legion, Inc.’s continuing success. Along the way, we’ve learned what it takes to be effective as philanthropists. […]

Helpful Tips for a Productive Commute

You might not think of it this way, but a daily commute represents a unique opportunity to boost your productivity. We’re putting the following strategies to use to make sure every trip to the Legion, Inc. […]

A Rewarding Internship Program

Our Legion, Inc. internship program prepares college students and recent graduates for success in a rapidly evolving business world. This summer has brought us an especially dedicated crop of interns. […]