Our Favorite Productivity Strategies

When it comes to sustaining success, being productive day in and day out is essential. That’s why we spend so much time around the Legion office finding ways to get more done from one busy workday to the next. […]

Essential Types of Professional Contacts

Through our Legion networking efforts, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to build a diverse list of helpful contacts. We’ve also discovered what types of connections are most important to career advancement. […]

Reliable Strategies for Winning Interviews

Candidates who impress tend to put the same strategies to good use in the days and weeks leading up to their interviews. When we evaluate potential additions to Team Legion, we are typically most interested in people who have put the following tactics into action. […]

Inspiring Quotes on What It Means to Lead

As we work to sharpen our leadership skills, we often look to words of wisdom from accomplished leaders in all fields. Here are a few inspiring quotes on what it means to be an effective leader, all of which have helped us improve our management skills around Legion HQ. […]