We’re Sharing Our Expertise

“As a top office in the nation, we’ve recently hosted training in our Legion office,” stated Alon, our firm’s Director of Operations. “People from all over the country have traveled here to receive coaching from our team. […]

Easy Ways to Maximize Business Conferences

As members of Team Legion, we enjoy a wide range of travel opportunities, including a variety of industry conferences. Through our experiences, we’ve learned a few simple strategies for getting maximum value out of such occasions. […]

Inspiring Reads for Stronger Leadership

We’re avid readers around the Legion office, always looking for new books with fresh leadership insights. The idea of servant leadership is something that’s taken hold in the business world, as well as our reading lists. […]

Tips for Managing Change When Getting Promoted

With clear pathways to advancement before us, we frequently discuss the best ways to secure promotions around the Legion office. We’re also aware that moving forward in our careers can bring some unanticipated changes. […]