Unique Ways to Maximize Commute Time

There are some well-known ways to make the most of the daily commute, including audiobooks, podcasts, and meditation. We’re committed to productivity around the Legion office, so we’ve been exploring the following unorthodox strategies for maximizing our daily trips to and from work. […]

How Great Leaders Make Important Decisions

We’re students of effective management around the Legion office. One thing we respect about great leaders is their shared ability to make the right decision in moments of great consequence. […]

The Most Promotable Behaviors

People who earn regular promotions share a few key attributes, but they also maintain positive habits that amplify the good work they do. Here are some of the essential traits and behaviors that make people highly promotable, all of which we’re trying to emulate around the Legion office:

• Being Humble: People who get promoted are humble enough to know that there’s always something new to learn. […]

Straightforward Public Speaking Advice

We recognize the value of public speaking skills to our professional prospects, which is why we’re always working to improve as presenters. When giving speeches on behalf of Legion, we keep the following simple strategies in mind. […]