The Power of a Personal Mission Statement

Creating a personal mission statement is more than something to do on a company retreat. Team Legion coaches teach us to use these simple but carefully crafted declarations daily to maintain clarity and focus on promoting our personal brands. […]

Achieve Long-Term Success With These Strategies

Long-term achievement requires more than just hard work; self-care and the ability to find creative solutions are also factors. In fact, knowing how to prioritize well-being and be unique are what make the hard work pay off. […]

How to Move Yourself Forward in Your Career

One of the ways we express our Legion commitment to recognition is by providing clear advancement paths for our associates to follow. Even those who join our firm in entry-level positions are given clear direction on how to move from where they are to the ranks of upper management, if that’s what they choose to do. […]

The Latest to Join the Giving Pledge

Philanthropy is more than just a core Legion value – it’s an activity that we take a personal interest in as well. So, when we heard that even more of the world’s wealthiest people had decided to sign the Giving Pledge, we wanted to find out who these admirable individuals are. […]