How to Create a Thriving Company Culture

How to Create a Thriving Company Culture


When Legion was established nine years ago, our leaders were determined to cultivate a workplace environment in which people could thrive. Our company culture has become the foundation on which our firm’s growth can be credited. Here are some of the practices we follow that have been central to our sustainable success:


  • Goals Tied to Purpose: Successful firms have a clear vision and purpose that everyone on the team knows and understands. Our Legion objectives are closely tied to our stated mission. From there, individual associate goals are established that also fulfill our purpose. In all goal-setting initiatives, we strive to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely, as this allows us to track our progress.


  • Consistent and Transparent Communication: It is essential to any company’s long-term vision to have everyone on the same page and in the know. Keep the lines of two-way communication open, honest, and clear across the board.


  • Remember to Recognize: A positive culture inspires people to appreciate each other. Our Legion reward and recognition policy offers our leaders a constructive opportunity to model these principles for our team members. When people know that they are valued, they tend to respond by being even more reliable and effective.


Our culture is dynamic, and we fine tune our practices as we go.