Defining Ethical Marketing and Why It Matters

In today’s commerce environment, ethical business practices are those that lay the foundation for sustained success. It’s important for companies to be scrupulous in all that they do, from hiring to advertising and more. Our Legion outreach model is designed based on strong marketing ethics. Let’s outline what this means.


We define ethical marketing in our Legion culture as honest, transparent, and fair. As such, when we’re creating campaigns, we focus on truthful advertising. Why is this important? Outreach is about building relationships with potential customers. Relationships that last are built on mutual trust. Sustainable business growth requires customer retention. People are loyal to companies who are upfront and treat them well.


Since advertising is often the first time someone becomes aware of a company and its products or services, it’s vital that any claims made in an ad can be verified as true. For example, if a product is promised to make someone’s teeth whiter, this claim should be backed by reports that highlight how this is true. It should feature the expected results and under what conditions people can experience advertised outcomes.


Ads should reflect the business’ core values and mission as well. A company’s fiber is as much a part of what they offer as any products or services they sell.


We are committed to helping businesses build their brands based on principled practices. Check out our Legion Newswire to learn more about our model.