How to Emphasize Your Value While Remaining Humble

Whether you’re interested in a career change, bigger responsibilities, or a promotion, you must make your value clear. At the same time, however, you must be careful not to appear overly confident. By observing our Legion leaders, we’ve learned some effective strategies for conveying value.

For instance, it’s important to keep track of your achievements. Perhaps you’ve saved a specific amount of money for your company. Maybe you’ve recruited some great new team members. Whatever the case may be, keeping a running list of your accomplishments will help you keep them fresh in your mind. You’ll know just what to highlight in an interview, performance review, or other conversation.

Once you have the facts in order, it’s time to think about how you will present them. You can simply spout them off in a direct manner, of course, but tying them into some type of narrative will make them more compelling. We weave storytelling into every Legion campaign, so we can attest to its impact. Detail the challenges you faced as you worked toward your goals, how you overcame them, and the impact you made as a result.

Being helpful is another great way to communicate value, because those you assist will witness your knowledge and abilities firsthand. Offering your support may be a matter of making introductions, troubleshooting with a coworker, or otherwise sharing your skills.

These strategies help us advance our careers.