How Great Presenters Make Lasting Impressions

Public speaking skills represent an ongoing point of emphasis in the Legion training program. We know how important strong presenting abilities are to our long-term career prospects, so we’re always studying the most successful speakers to learn how to emulate them. Here are a few key strategies the best presenters use to their advantage.

One thing strong speakers always do is turn the focus on their audiences. Rather than think about themselves or how they’ll be perceived when they’re at the podium, the best presenters focus on their listeners’ needs. By doing so, they ensure that the messages they’re sharing resonate with the people who most need to hear them.

We’ve also found that the most memorable speakers avoid reading directly from their notes, preferring to engage audience members in a productive conversation instead. We do our best to copy this approach when we speak on behalf of Legion, making steady eye contact and speaking from the heart as much as possible.

Successful presenters understand the value of rehearsing their remarks out loud several times before going in front of an audience. We’ve embraced this concept as well, using our colleagues as practice listeners and then asking for honest feedback to help us make improvements.

These strategies are helping us become stronger presenters. Find more of our best public speaking tips by following Legion on Twitter.