Growing Potential: Qualities the Best Leaders Adopt

Leadership is a top Legion priority. We know how important strong management is to business success, so we study it thoroughly. As we learn, we discover countless leadership trends and styles. Despite the diversity in this area, however, there are some foundational qualities that the best frontrunners have in common. Here are some examples:

• Originality: Although it’s helpful for leaders to learn from the examples of others, it’s best not to mimic them entirely. High-level managers know what works for them – and for their people. They are authentic.

• Solution-Oriented Mind-Set: Every business faces challenges once in a while. Ineffective leaders dwell on their problems, but successful ones focus on solutions. In doing so, not only do they overcome obstacles – they learn valuable lessons as well.

• Ability to Delegate: It isn’t the role of a leader to do it all. It’s his or her responsibility to delegate work that plays to team member strengths and preferences. This way, performance is high and Legion outcomes are even better.

• Eagerness to Learn: Great leaders also realize that they don’t know it all. That’s why they embrace learning and growth. In their desire to improve, they model for their people the importance of evolving and staying relevant.

We embrace these qualities to take our leadership potential to new levels of excellence.