Highlights in Philanthropy: Adam Braun

Charitable giving is part of the Legion identity. We establish ourselves as community leaders by supporting local and global nonprofits. As such, we understand the value of philanthropy and find great inspiration in people who give. Adam Braun is one of these individuals.

Braun went from a Wall Street career to nonprofit founder when he launched Pencils of Promise. Since its inception, the organization has built over 200 schools in developing countries, educating about 20,000 children. It all started when Braun was in India and asked a small boy what he wanted more than anything. The boy simply asked for a pencil.

These are some of the lessons Braun has learned and that we’ve been talking about at Legion:

  • The Little Things Matter: Braun and his volunteers discovered that an action as simple as handing out business cards gets people invested in a cause. He said, “They were going out night after night handing out Pencils of Promise business cards instead of their Goldman Sachs card or their law firm card because they were so proud to identify with the work we were doing.”
  • Honesty Is the Best Policy: Braun understands the value of honesty and transparency. Even in terms of vulnerability, he knows to be straightforward. He stated, “Most leaders have this presumption that they need to be infallible, indestructible machines and if they display weakness, people are going to question their abilities.” It’s a line of thinking worth challenging.

Learn about Legion’s giveback pursuits at http://legion-inc.com/about/.