Legion Helps You Avoid Desperation During a Job Search

If you have recently graduated from college and are looking for a job, it’s helpful to show that you have a passion for your profession. We at Legion would like to remind you not to allow your eagerness to land a job turn into anxiety though, since that can scare off hiring managers. Here are a few tips that you can apply so you will come across as enthusiastic rather than desperate.

One thing that you should avoid is applying for multiple jobs within the same company. Rather than blitzing a recruiter with many applications, focus on one job that is the right fit for your talents. You can speak with a recruiter about that particular job and then ask about other potential openings.

Do not sell yourself too aggressively during an interview, since it can be seen as a sign of desperation. We at Legion recommend that you discus the position and its requirements thoroughly before you highlight your own talents and qualifications.

It’s a good idea to bring along some questions of your own, because hiring managers want to see that you have put some thought into how you will thrive in the position and what you expect to achieve. This will also help you determine if the potential employer is the right fit for your unique personality and skillset.

Our team at Legion hopes that these pointers will help you make a positive impression so you will get the position that you want.