Legion Lists Books Admired by Elizabeth Holmes

At Legion, we admire the accomplishments of Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos, a health-technology company. She and her team are changing the way blood testing is performed throughout the healthcare industry. Recently, Holmes was asked to provide a list of books that inspired her. Our team would like to share them with you.

• “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey,” by Homer: These ancient Greek poems were Holmes’ favorites when she was young. She still admires them because human nature hasn’t changed much since then. Our team at Legion agrees with this assessment!

• “Moby Dick,” by Herman Melville: Aside from the battle between Captain Ahab and the whale, this classic tale has many lessons to share. Its theme centers on the concepts of morality and the meaning of life.

• “The Complete Story of Civilization,” by Will and Ariel Durant: Written from 1935 to 1975, the Durants documented Western history up to the Napoleonic era. The descriptions of how the leaders of the world built empires, led civilizations, and effected change fascinate Holmes.

• “Meditations,” by Marcus Aurelius: Holmes repeatedly reads this book because she admires Aurelius’ focus and discipline. He emphasized that one should accept things that cannot be controlled, but all emotions must be mastered.

The next time you are looking for an inspiring read, we at Legion hope you will consider one of these titles. Elizabeth Holmes found inspiration from them, and you will too.