Legion Presents Fashion Strategies for the Interview

Many of our team members at Legion are relatively new to the workforce, and still remember the anxiety of interviewing. Even before sitting down with one (or several) interviewers, you have some crucial decisions to make. One, of course, is what to wear.

While common wisdom suggests wearing a suit, that may no longer be a good idea. Many company leaders pride themselves on their easygoing cultures, and going business formal while everyone else is business casual might imply that you’re a little too uptight for their organization.

Our Legion team suggests a simple solution to this dilemma: during the course of your research on a given company, pay attention to how people are dressed on the establishment’s social media pages. For example, if a picture of someone’s in-office birthday party shows everyone in jeans and sandals, you’ve got a good idea of how people dress on a daily basis − they likely didn’t go home and change.

Once you have a reasonable impression of what people typically wear to work, take that style up one notch. You want to show that you’d be a good cultural fit, but at the same time you are trying to stand out from the crowd. Dress to impress, not to intimidate.

If an interview is in your future, the team at Legion hopes you use these fashion tips to your advantage. Good luck!