Legion Presents Tips for Creating a Great Résumé

Here at Legion, we work with a number of college interns and recent graduates. This means résumés are often topics of conversation. Even with the number of software programs that help generate this necessary document, it can still be an intimidating and confusing process. Here are some tips the Legion team has picked up to make résumé building less traumatic:

• Contact Information: This is the first thing your potential employer will want to see. Your full name, e-mail address, and phone number must be easy to find and read. Do not use a nickname, and make sure your e-mail address is not too informal.

• Objective: What you offer and who you are is important information, and should come right after your personal info. Be as specific as possible: think in terms of an elevator pitch.

• Skills: While knowing how to use Word is nice, feel free to mention personal attributes as well. For example, you could write that you are articulate, consistent, enterprising, or people-oriented (as long as you really are).

• Format: Résumés should not be overly wordy; if yours is more than one page long it is in danger of being tossed to the side on principle. Use a clean, professional, easy-to-read font like Times New Roman or Calibri in a 10-12 point size. Save in a universally accepted format; when in doubt, a .pdf can be opened by almost every operating system.

Our team at Legion hopes you use these proven strategies to create a winning résumé.