How to Move Yourself Forward in Your Career

One of the ways we express our Legion commitment to recognition is by providing clear advancement paths for our associates to follow. Even those who join our firm in entry-level positions are given clear direction on how to move from where they are to the ranks of upper management, if that’s what they choose to do.

Along with a career trajectory, we also coach our associates to take certain steps that will help them maintain forward momentum on their professional journeys. For example, the most important decision we make before taking any next step in our careers is to decide exactly what next means. This includes determining what skills will be needed for future rules.

Also, we discuss being selective when sharing plans. When we’re just fleshing out an approach to career advancement, we turn to mentors and friends who we know we can count on to be cheerleaders. Then, as plans become more solid, it’s safe to turn to those colleagues and peers who excel at thinking through strategies and pointing out any potential pitfalls.

One of the best Legion techniques for career advancement is to start at success, and work backward. We imagine ourselves as having already achieved our desired positions, and then consider all the skills we must have learned and the experiences we probably gained during the journeys. Then, we look for ways to acquire those traits now.