Tips to Delegate Like a (Great) Boss

Delegation is one of the key managerial skills we pass on in our Legion leadership programs. By assigning tasks to others, we free up our time to focus on other issues. For many managers, it takes effort to let go and share ownership of projects. We highlight these practices to help our upcoming leaders develop the mind-set to share responsibility with others:


  • Build a Team You Can Rely On: One of the first lessons our Legion coaches impart is team development. We learn that one of the keys to creating a collaborative group is to create an empowering culture in which everyone’s input is valued. When people believe that their voices are heard, they are more likely to deliver desired results.


  • Hiring People Who Have Skills You Lack: Another pointer we have noted is great leaders recruit people who are strong in areas in which they might be lacking. This practice ensures that the firm’s talent composition is balanced and the necessary areas are covered. As such, leaders can delegate responsibilities to others based on those individuals’ areas of strength.


  • Focus on What You Do Best: The best leaders know where their strengths lie and what roles they should have others manage. Our Legion outsourcing model is designed so that companies can focus on their core business while they allow us to share our expertise in marketing.


We strive to put the best leadership practices in place at our firm, like delegation.