Already Setting Goals for 2020? We Sure Are.

The end of 2019 is quickly approaching, so we’re already looking ahead to what we can accomplish in 2020. We’re checking in on where we stand with our current objectives, but we’re just as excited to project into the future. This is who we are in the Legion workspace, always pushing ahead to see what lies beyond our current skill sets.

There are a few golden rules we follow when putting targets in place. First of all, we know they need to be as specific as possible. We have to know the outcomes we want to achieve if we want to put the best action steps in place from the outset. By spending some time homing in on exactly what we want to do, we save ourselves the trouble of reframing our efforts down the road.

We’ve also found that writing down our Legion objectives makes them easier to realize. There’s something about the act of putting goals on paper that makes us commit to them even more. If we put them in highly visible locations, it’s even more inspiring.

Firm deadlines help us achieve our aims as well. With a completion date booked, we know how to direct our energies in the most productive ways.

These are a few of the strategies we use to stay on top of our ambitious targets. Follow Legion on LinkedIn to get more of our best success tips.