Legion Discusses Tips to Wake Up Inspired

Legion Discusses Tips to Wake Up Inspired

There are many articles and studies that cite how a good morning routine leads to a more productive day. Most of them feature ways to boost physical energy we need to sustain us until our workday is complete. These tips, as our team at Legion note, have a more direct positive impact on enlivening our minds, thus improving our days:

Schedule Breakfast Meetings: Whether it’s simply coffee and a muffin or a full meal, a breakfast meeting is a terrific way to start the day. You’ll be able to connect with an important colleague (or even a friend you’ve struggled to fit into your schedule) and arrive at work with boosted spirits. Early morning meetings can give our minds a much needed lift, allowing us to start the day positive and energized by new opportunities.

Engage Your Mind: Start your day by waking up to a podcast to energize your thought processes, while learning something new. Try replacing your classic alarm with a podcast scheduled to play as you wake up. Not only will this stop you from hitting the snooze button, but your brain will be engaged more fully and you’ll start your day more inspired.

Create Something: Just as morning exercise can stimulate our bodies and get our blood flowing, our team at Legion notes taking time in the morning to create something rouses our senses and enlivens our imagination before we head out the door. It doesn’t have to be a masterful production either. Simply doodling on a sheet of paper, or writing a blog can refresh you.

Start your day inspired and watch how the remainder flows.