Legion Shares Four Sustainable Work Practices

Legion Shares Four Sustainable Work Practices

Legion knows that without a solid, well-trained, and committed team, your business will never meet its objectives. This does not mean simply pushing workers to achieve but providing the right environment so they want to exceed their goals and those of your clients. Good productivity arises from satisfied executives who feel as those their contributions are valued. Here are four ideas on how to encourage them so you reduce turnover and increase engagement.

1. Take Breaks From Work

Granting vacation time and telling employees they can take breaks while also quietly discouraging both is counterproductive. Encourage employees to use their vacation time, leave the office for lunch, and take that 15 minute walk after two hours of hard work. Better yet, model these behaviors yourself. Your team members will feel more secure in taking these steps to self-care and are more likely to stay with your organization.

2. No Weekend Email

Even when you state that an employee does not need to answer right away, weekend email is still intrusive. The behavior speaks louder than words and team members will feel compelled to reply—even if they are in the middle of a family barbecue and burning with resentment. If you must write an email while something is on your mind, save it in your draft folder and send it over work hours.

3. Appreciate Team Member Efforts

People do not leave organizations, they leave leaders. When employees feel valued, they stick around. If you point out all the shortcomings and none of the achievements, the demoralizing effect leads team members to start a job search.

4. Present a Vision

Workers have spiritual needs too and work needs to mean something other than a paycheck to buy stuff. Communicate a clear vision that inspires your employees. A study by The Energy Project shows that employees who receive such a vision are 65% more engaged and 82% report higher job satisfaction.

Remember that your actions will always speak louder than your words. Eating lunch at your desk, emailing all hours, and avoiding vacations will communicate to your employees to do the same—even if you verbally encourage them otherwise. Create an environment where you model sustainable work habits as well as advocate for them. Employees will feel more secure in being human and will be productive out of enthusiasm, not fear.