Easy Ways to Keep Learning on the Job

Building our professional knowledge is something we take seriously around Legion HQ. We know there’s always something new to learn, so we frequently discuss the best ways to keep adding valuable insights. Here are a few of our favorite methods for learning throughout even the busiest workdays:

• Exploring Unfamiliar Concepts: We indulge our curiosity as we chase our Legion objectives. Whenever we come across a new concept or term, we take a few minutes to learn as much as possible about it. We often get inspired by what we find out, which takes us in new directions on current and future projects.

• Listening to Learn: Podcasts and audiobooks make this much easier to do. We’re always exchanging recommendations for great listening material around our office, along with the fresh insights we gain from what we hear. Our commutes and even our breaks during the workday have become more productive through our listening experiences.

• Watching Inspiring Videos: There are all kinds of videos on YouTube that offer inspiration, including speeches from influential leaders. TED Talks are also prime sources of motivation. We tend to revisit our favorites over and over again, especially when we need a quick energy boost.

We apply these strategies to continue learning as we get closer to our career goals. Check out the Legion Newswire for more of our best personal growth tips.