Easy Ways to Maximize Business Conferences

As members of Team Legion, we enjoy a wide range of travel opportunities, including a variety of industry conferences. Through our experiences, we’ve learned a few simple strategies for getting maximum value out of such occasions. Here are the practices we employ to learn and connect as much as possible during every conference.

The right mind-set is key when it comes to leveraging conferences to our advantage. We know we aren’t going to close deals or make full-fledged pitches at these functions. Rather, we focus on making strong impressions with potential contacts and learning new concepts we can apply back at the Legion office.

Doing our homework is one of the best ways to ensure positive impressions on the people we meet at conferences. We study social media pages related to the events we attend so we have some background information on people we want to meet. With a few icebreakers in mind that reflect our common ground, forging strong bonds is easier.

We’ve also learned that hanging out in strategic spots goes a long way toward a successful conference experience. There are places people tend to gather during these events, such as where speakers leave the stage and near the food. Staking out these areas can lead to fruitful networking.

These strategies help us make the most of every conference we attend. Follow Legion on Newswire for more of our best travel recommendations.