Essential Types of Professional Contacts

Through our Legion networking efforts, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to build a diverse list of helpful contacts. We’ve also discovered what types of connections are most important to career advancement. Here are the people we strive to include in our professional networks.

Successful peers form the majority of our contact lists. These types of connections are important because they share many of the same experiences while still offering fresh perspectives. We seek out diverse peers so that we have as many sources of good advice as possible.

Mentors also make up a vital portion of our Legion networks, because they can provide career suggestions from especially informed vantage points. We make sure anyone we consider a mentor is trustworthy, well respected, and generous with his or her time and expertise.

Influencers represent another essential category of network connections. These are the people who are movers and shakers in their industries. Their elevated status means these professionals can help us in ways that most other connections simply can’t.

Connectors are also great people to have in our networks, because they help us expand our contact lists through their many allies and insights. With enough strong connectors in our corners, our contacting efforts are much easier.

We look for these types of people when we build our networks. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook