Exciting Travel Opportunities Abound!

Travel on behalf of Legion is a great means of learning, bonding, and expressing appreciation for our people. We’ve been doing a lot of it lately. In August, for instance, our team made their way to Dallas for a leadership conference. It was a huge networking opportunity.

In November, select associates will go to the annual industry R&R trip. According to Alon, Legion’s Director of Operations, “This year we are going to the Dominican Republic. It’s so exciting to be able to go to such an exotic place! Our team is working hard to get the chance to attend.”

These are just a few of the ways we grow stronger because of business travel:

• Adaptability: Sometimes flights are delayed, and other times luggage gets lost. There are occasional traffic jams and unfamiliar cities to navigate as well. These challenges force us to think on our feet and roll with the punches, reinforcing our adaptability.

• Collaboration: The more time we spend together away from our day-to-day responsibilities, the closer we get on a personal level. We learn more about each other, such as various likes and dislikes, which comes in handy when it’s time to get back to work. We remember these details as we interact and delegate assignments.

We’ll be sure to share the details of our sunny getaway.