Our Favorite Productivity Strategies

When it comes to sustaining success, being productive day in and day out is essential. That’s why we spend so much time around the Legion office finding ways to get more done from one busy workday to the next. Here are a few of our favorite strategies for doing just that.

Taking care of our toughest tasks when we’re most alert is one way we maintain high productivity. For most of us, this means tackling demanding projects early in the morning. By getting these things out of the way, we set ourselves up for relaxed yet productive afternoons. The positive momentum we generate by achieving big goals early in the day carries over to other priorities.

We’ve also discovered that blocking our Legion calendars for administrative tasks is a solid strategy for getting more accomplished. When we have windows of time carved out for responding to emails, returning phone calls, and other non-urgent jobs, we can maintain focus on more important matters.

Regular breaks also help us stay on top of our to-do lists. We’ve found that our energy levels stay higher when we incorporate rest into our busy days at the office. Working for about 90 minutes straight followed by a 15-minute break has proven to be an especially helpful strategy for us.

We’re putting these productivity strategies to good use here at Legion HQ. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook