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Legion works with a government-funded outreach program to provide telecommunication devices to specific regions. We target the people and communities who will most benefit from the wireless devices and services we promote. We understand the importance of technology in today’s fast-paced world. By helping the disadvantaged stay connected, we are working toward a brighter future.


We recognize that wireless devices are no longer optional accessories for daily living. They are now required for day-to-day activities. That’s why Legion has taken on this program, known as the Lifeline Assistance program. It was developed by a Fortune 500 telecom brand and the federal government to provide free cell phones as well as monthly minutes to eligible people. Those who struggle economically benefit greatly with access to this basic necessity. We believe with tools like these, anyone can achieve a more promising future.Cellular devices are no longer an extravagant accessory; they have evolved into a necessary addition to everyday life. Legion partners with Fortune 500 telecommunications clients in order to bring government funded wireless communication to the economically-disadvantaged who cannot afford to maintain this basic necessity. We strongly believe that allowing someone the proper tools for success is the key to creating a promising future full of opportunity.

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