Why Guest Speakers Are So Valuable

We’re serious about learning on the job here at Legion HQ. From internal seminars to group training sessions, we’re always finding new ways to add to our skill sets. We’ve found that guest speakers are some of the best sources of useful professional insights. The following concepts helps us identify the right speakers and gain maximum value from their remarks.

One thing we’ve learned is that successful people with valuable insights to share will rarely turn down the opportunity to be guest speakers. These high achievers appreciate the respect attentive audiences show them and having opportunities to teach engaged learners.

We do our best to find guest speakers with a wide range of professional experiences. This is the most effective way to ensure that a broad array of ideas will be offered, which in turn enhances the value our team members receive. We also try to shake things up with regard to the topics covered so that our people never quite know what to expect from a Legion guest speaker.

One of the best things about bringing in a speaker is the fact that a fresh voice lends extra authority to the training our team receives. Our leaders are good at communicating expectations, but they also come away with valuable new strategies every time we have an outside voice in our office.

We plan to continue inviting all kinds of accomplished people to speak to our team. Stay updated on our commitment to learning on the job by following Legion on Facebook.