Highlighting Eric Green’s Well-Deserved Promotion

To the surprise of no one, Eric Green is the latest member of Team Legion to earn a promotion. Eric is our newest assistant manager thanks to the hard work and dedication he’s displayed since coming on board. Alon, our firm’s Director of Operations, stated that everyone on our team looks up to Eric for his tenacity, problem-solving skills, and leadership abilities. We’re all excited for him and know there are many more exciting things to come in Eric’s career.

Companies that emphasize recognition set themselves up for long-term success. That’s always been our belief around the Legion office, and it’s why we endorse the following practices for showing top performers how much their efforts really mean:

• Highlighting Milestones: There are so many good ways to do this. A few simple words of praise might be enough to mark a big win, or even a congratulatory card signed by the entire leadership team. An office party is always a solid option, because it’s a great way to get everyone inspired to keep aiming high.

• Being Specific: We want to make sure our recognition efforts are as clear as they can be. The idea is to encourage the kinds of positive behaviors that led to a big win. With this in mind, we try to be both timely and specific with whatever type of praise we give.

We’re ready to watch Eric’s leadership journey take shape. Follow Legion on LinkedIn for more news and notes about our top performers.