Highlighting Laxman, Our MVP of the Month

We’re proud to announce that Laxman is this month’s Legion MVP. He’s been with us for a year, having come from a technological background that includes a PhD in software engineering. Alon, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained that Laxman is extremely loyal and dedicated to creating results for our local business partners.

Alon also stated that Laxman is a strong team player who is always willing to train, coach, and develop newer account managers. A very positive person who lights up any room he enters, Laxman also has an incredible ability to adapt and accept coaching himself.

We love recognizing our top Legion performers because of the positive loop it creates. The more people are praised for their efforts, the happier they tend to be in their daily work lives. From there, productivity is boosted and team members earn more recognition. This cycle has proven itself many times around the Legion office and is a key driver of our ongoing growth.

Putting people in our company spotlight also engenders trust throughout our workspace. Showing that we respect their efforts shows our people that we’re invested in their success. The end results are a more engaged team and a more successful office.

We’re excited to watch Laxman continue his career journey with us. For updates on him and all our top performers, be sure to like Legion on Facebook.