Job Interview First Impression Tips

When we evaluate potential additions to Team Legion, Inc., we remember those who make strong first impressions. Here are a few things the best candidates tend to do to win over hiring managers within the first few minutes of an interview.

Candidates who arrive just a bit early make the strongest first impressions, because they don’t put any undue pressure on their interviewers. If you plan to be there about 10 minutes early, you’ll put yourself in the best position to make a positive impression. Scouting the interview location in the days leading up to an appointment is the best way to ensure promptness.

A firm handshake is another good way to make a positive impression in just about any type of interaction. It’s especially helpful during a job interview, because you want to display confidence right off the bat. When a candidate stands up and offers a solid handshake to everyone he or she meets at the Legion, Inc. office, we’re impressed.

Being kind to everyone you encounter during an interview is another key element of succeeding as a candidate. We keep a close eye on potential hires to make sure they treat everyone from security guards to hiring managers with respect.

These are a few impressive behaviors every jobseeker should put into action. Check out the Legion, Inc. Newswire to get more information on effective interviewing.