Legion Highlights Google’s Growth Philosophies

Google continues to thrive and renew itself on a constant basis. This is largely due to CEO Larry Page’s view on spending, which states that 70 percent is allocated to the core business, 20 percent goes to adjacent concerns, and 10 percent focuses on distant prospects such as self-driving cars and robotics. We at Legion would like to take a closer look at some of the tech giant’s other guiding principles that keep it ahead of the game:

• Being Great Is a Start: After succeeding as a search and advertising firm, Google quickly rolled out a range of new online services and acquired well-known businesses such as YouTube. The company also invested in smaller start-ups to enter new spaces, which continues to increase revenues.

• Setting Goals That Cannot Be Reached: One of Google’s missions has always been to establish aggressive goals which force team members to stretch to reach them. In the process, they achieve more than they ever imagined and find innovative solutions to complex problems. We at Legion try to emulate this approach as we set our own objectives.

• Anticipating Needs: Google encourages team members to experiment with solutions in real time from the beginning of a project. As a result, they devise new products and services through pure discovery.

The Legion team is inspired by Google’s exploits, and we hope that you are too.