Megan, Austin, and Najmah Are Making a Big Impression

This month, we wanted to recognize three of our colleagues for their contributions to our firm. We often show our appreciation to one another, but what makes this highlight unique is that we’re celebrating our all-star summer interns: Megan, Austin, and Najmah. They have made a big impression on Team Legion this summer, and deserve some time in the spotlight.

First, a little background information. Najmah is a junior from San Francisco State, and Megan is also a junior, but at UC Berkley. Austin is a senior, and he attends San Diego State University. They were the three applicants that really stood out from the crowd, and they have proven themselves to be ambitious learners. We’re very proud of how much they’ve already grown as professionals.

Our Legion interns have taken so much initiative and consistently asked questions that have advanced their careers. Even now, they are putting in extra hours as they continue to make the most of our learning system to help them bring their internships to a successful end. Not only are they going above and beyond in the office, but they are also attending team nights as an extra effort to get to know our business and connect with the people in it.

We’re proud to be working with Austin, Megan, and Najmah this summer, and hope they’ll return to our office after they graduate to pick up where they left off in their Legion careers. Like us on Facebook to see what else our intrepid interns accomplish.