Personalized Coaching Drives Our Success

The Legion training program is unlike any other because we provide the tools and resources needed to unlock each person’s unique potential. Through hands-on training from seasoned in-office coaches, our account managers become experts in all aspects of our business. Alon, our Director of Operations, explained that everyone learns in their own way, which is why we focus on customized training methods for both new hires and veteran reps.

Our coaches adhere to a few key strategies to ensure full knowledge transfer. Showing confidence in each learner’s ability to master concepts and solve problems is at the top of this list. Our incoming account managers quickly build confidence because they’re empowered to make decisions. We turn our newest team members into effective performers by showing trust in their talents.

Sharing clear expectations is another key element of our Legion coaching system. Each step in the learning process is laid out in specific terms so that learners stay engaged in the process. This is a highly effective strategy for preparing new hires to excel, but it also works wonders for seasoned reps. Our ongoing training efforts feature well-defined goals that keep our top performers on the right track to improvement.

These are just a couple of the techniques we keep in mind as we prepare our account managers for lasting success. Follow Legion on Twitter for more details on our approach to initial and ongoing training.