Ready to Learn, Lead, and Grow

Around Legion, we believe that an open mind, one that’s always ready to learn and absorb more knowledge, leads to more success. Our leaders are proud of the time and effort we invest in each member of our team, because we know that when they have the resources and tools to achieve their personal and professional goals, the ripple effect is like a tidal wave on our company’s excellence.

Of course, effective knowledge transfer is a two-way street. While we can teach our people so much about our Legion business model and other lessons they need to thrive in our industry (and in life), it’s up to each person to be ready to learn. Here are some of the tips we share with our account managers to help them excel:

• Think Growth: Personal and professional development should be an ongoing pursuit. No matter where we are on the corporate ladder, we should have a strategy in place to reach higher. This includes being open to new ideas and feedback that will help us grow.

• Believe Success Is Something Everyone Can Enjoy: In our Legion culture, we believe in abundance. We encourage our people to share ideas, collaborate, and celebrate individual wins as well as team success. Why? Because we know there’s room for everyone to reach their potential.

• Remember It’s OK to Fail: Sometimes the biggest thing that holds us back is our own fear of making mistakes. Part of learning means taking a few stumbles on the way to the top. Embrace the fails by taking notes on how to do better next time.

• Project Farther Into the Future: Before we make short-term goals, we need to have a long-term vision.

• Positivity Matters: An upbeat approach to everything is contagious! When we’re optimistic about what we’re doing, it’s easier to keep going.

Our growth mentality will take us places, so be sure to follow Legion on LinkedInfor the latest.