Refining Our Visions of Success

We engage in a variety of team activities to bring us closer to our Legion colleagues, but our most recent one may have been our most inspiring yet. Our outing was focused on creating vision boards, which help us attach clear images to the ambitious goals we have. It was a memorable night of finding fresh motivation to push us to even greater heights.

Alon, Legion’s Director of Operations, noted that vision boards give us tangible representations of where we hope to go in our careers. It’s one thing to have a mental image of future success, but having it in a physical format is doubly inspiring. The fact that we created our boards as a team meant we were able to forge stronger bonds as we stoked our individual inspiration.

We’ve traditionally been a goal-oriented team, putting specific objectives in place so we can measure our progress. Having clear ideas of what successful outcomes will look like is a core element of our approach, so our vision boards just take things one step further. As much fun as we had developing and sharing our creations, there’s no doubt that they will also propel us to bigger wins on behalf of our local business partners.

Getting inspired as a group never gets old. For updates on our next team night, check out the Legion Newswire feed.