Reliable Strategies for Winning Interviews

Candidates who impress tend to put the same strategies to good use in the days and weeks leading up to their interviews. When we evaluate potential additions to Team Legion, we are typically most interested in people who have put the following tactics into action.

There’s just no substitute for being well prepared, so we look for candidates who have done extensive research on our company. We also keep our eyes peeled for jobseekers who arrive at our office with extra copies of their résumés and well-organized portfolios.

We’re also intrigued when jobseekers are calm during their interviews. Anytime someone can share compelling stories about his or her unique talents and project confidence in the process, we know that person is a good fit for our Legion culture. Consistent eye contact is another good indication of self-assurance, which we always look for in a hire.

Showing up early is another way to impress hiring managers, although it’s not necessary to be too early. Arriving at the interview site about 10 to 15 minutes ahead of schedule is a good idea, because a person can get a good feel for the room. Any earlier might put undue pressure on the people conducting the interview.

Candidates who exhibit these behaviors are the ones we want to add to our team. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook