Score Networking Wins Using These Methods

Networking is practically synonymous with success. It’s so important that we train all incoming Legion associates with the best relationship-building strategies we know. These are a few of the networking strategies we prioritize.

We’ve learned that the most impressive results come from deliberation. Just as we are strategic when it comes to our campaigns, we use great intention when it comes to networking. Instead of randomly distributing business cards to strangers, we set goals before our events. It involves finding out who will be attending the functions and planning how we will strike up conversations. This usually means planning to present some sort of value proposition.

It’s also important to look beyond the traditional networking venues. Conferences and other industry gatherings are great places to meet people, of course. It’s just that they aren’t the only places to meet people. We look for chances to interact with professionals outside our industry. They can be found anywhere from neighborhood block parties to local nonprofits in need of volunteers.

Personal branding is another pertinent aspect of successful networking. When we set out to build relationships, we remind ourselves of the images we want to convey. We reflect on the Legion values, and identify ways we will represent those principles. Doing so ensures consistency in all we do.

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