Strategies for a New San Francisco Giants Season

Our team members are experts at direct marketing for sports and entertainment companies like the San Francisco Giants, with whom we recently had an orientation meeting. Team Legion got the layout for the new season, went over the details of the campaign, and discussed what the Giants could expect from us. It was a thorough recap where we went over the dos and don’ts of the program.

Open channels of communication are vital in our line of work, as it gives us the tools we need to best represent our local business partners. Once we’ve established clear goals, we set about creating the conditions required for our clients and team members to thrive with our Legion training program.

The way we approach learning is one of the pillars of our success. When a new team member is brought on board, they are immersed in our fully customizable learning system, which can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each promotional specialist. Then, through one-to-one coaching and other resources like workshops, seminars, and travel to conferences and retreats, we prepare our people for success at every stage of their career journeys.

This development system is why we can confidently partner with a major sports franchise like the San Francisco Giants and know that we’ll exceed their expectations. Like Legion on Facebook to learn more about the strategies we use to create success for the companies in our portfolio.