Tips for Managing Change When Getting Promoted

With clear pathways to advancement before us, we frequently discuss the best ways to secure promotions around the Legion office. We’re also aware that moving forward in our careers can bring some unanticipated changes. Here are a few concepts we keep in mind as we pursue and adjust to regular promotions.

Reaching new levels in our careers means stretching beyond our comfort zones. Adding skills in order to thrive in an elevated role is generally a positive experience, but it may also mean that certain tasks we enjoyed are no longer parts of our routines. That’s just the reality of the situation, so we gladly move on to new challenges with this in mind.

New jobs can also mean changes in office dynamics, so we prepare ourselves for this as we reach higher levels within Legion. We’ve found that regular team building can improve the impact that could potentially result from someone moving into a management position for the first time. Regular team outings have always been key parts of our company culture. As a result, we feel we’re well equipped to adjust as a group to any shifting dynamics within our office.

Being elevated to a new professional role is an exciting prospect, but it does come with some challenges. You can learn more about how we prepare ourselves for career advancement by liking Legion on Facebook.