Our Top Executives Are Conference-Bound

This month there will be a conference at our Headquarters in southern California. Our top performers will be attending the event, which will provide plenty of opportunities for learning and networking. Alon, our Legion Director of Operations, stated, “We’ll also use this conference to teach others in our industry some of the methods we use to achieve consistent wins.”

The conference will offer our account managers the chance to forge connections with influential people from across our industry. Alon advises his team members to make the most of this networking potential by asking lots of questions. He explained, “Open-ended queries work best in these settings, because the goal is always to keep the other person talking. The more a new contact shares with you, the easier it is to find common ground on which to build a strong connection.”

There will also be opportunities for our team members to learn from other high-achieving representatives during the conference. “Discussing best practices with people from other regions can lead to some surprising insights,” Alon added. “Even though we’re all pursuing similar goals, there are many different approaches to reach them. Our account managers always seem to bring intriguing concepts back to the Legion office after a conference. They apply what they learned to improve our processes.”

We’re ready to make the most of this gathering. Stay tuned to the Legion Newswire for updates on this trip and our future excursions.