Trina Receives Some Well-Deserved Recognition

We enjoy taking time out to highlight our top Legion performers, which is a superlative Trina has definitely earned. Trina is a veteran who possesses incredible amounts of motivation and determination. Alon, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “Trina has been going above and beyond, and we look forward to all her future successes with our team!”

Trina is just the latest of our high achievers to get some time in the Legion spotlight. Through our recognition efforts, we’ve found that highlighting excellent performers increases happiness throughout a workspace. Happy team members are more productive, which means better results for everyone involved.

Regular recognition also means engagement is higher around our office. Team members feel more valued when they see their colleagues receiving praise. They’re also more satisfied with their jobs, which means greater loyalty and elevated performance.

We’ve also learned that highlighting top performers leads to a strong atmosphere of trust. When a company cares about its people and puts them first, good things tend to happen. Our account managers thrive in a supportive environment in which they know their efforts will be rewarded. They also see that our company leaders are invested in their success day in and day out.

We’re happy to have Trina on our team and look forward to her future successes. Follow Legion on Twitter for updates on all our top performers.