Unique Ways to Maximize Commute Time

There are some well-known ways to make the most of the daily commute, including audiobooks, podcasts, and meditation. We’re committed to productivity around the Legion office, so we’ve been exploring the following unorthodox strategies for maximizing our daily trips to and from work.

Our smartphones come in handy in a lot of ways during our commutes, but we’ve found an innovative approach to let them improve our writing. By recording voice notes during our trips to the office, we get a head start on any type of written messages we need to craft. From important emails to routine reports, we get our thoughts in order using the power of audio transcriptions.

We’ve also warmed up to the power of singing during our commutes, although this obviously pertains only to those of us who drive. Singing releases endorphins in the brain, which elevate our moods and help ease stress. By the time we arrive at the office, we’re freshly energized to tackle any challenge.

Whenever we have speeches coming up, we take advantage of our commutes to rehearse our remarks. It’s important to practice a presentation as many times as possible, so we don’t want to miss out on a chance to refine our vocal deliveries. When we step on the stage to represent Legion, we’re much more confident in our abilities.

We’re putting these innovative strategies to good use during our commutes.